You can get answers to frequently asked questions about EmmaTel

Where does EmmaTel work?

EmmaTel started its work as a specialized company in mobile phones in the Syrian capital Damascus and expanded its business and activities to include most of the Syrian governorates.


 Who is EmmaTel?

EmmaTel is a trading company specializing in mobile phones and Accesories, established in 2019 in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

How do I apply for a job with EmmaTel?

You can apply for employment through one of the following options:
* Human Resources Department: hr-job@emctell.com
*Submit an application for employment at the company’s headquarters
*Send a CV via EmmaTel application

What is an EmmaTel warranty?

EmmaTel warranty is:
When buying any device with an Emma Tel warranty, you get:
5 weeks replacement warranty in case of defect factory board
101 days screen replacement including fluids & misuse
12 months hardware, lifetime software.

How can I contact the maintenance department?

You can contact the main maintenance department by dialing 011-7070

Do EmmaTel  Devices work on the Syrian network?

All devices that has EmmaTel  warranty are workable on the Syrian network (customs).


Do EmmaTel sell by installments or through a bank?

EmmaTel currently does not sell its products by installments or through a bank, with the possibility of this service being available in the future.

How do I contact with EmmaTel?                                                           

You can contact EmmaTel by calling 011-7070 To answer all your inquiries.